Root Pouch Non-Degradable Reusable Grow Bags,One Gallon, Boxer RED With Handles! Bundle Of 10, Best Quality!

  • $ 15.99
  • Save $ 6.00

Root Pouches most rugged line, designed to be used season after season. Perfect for the great outdoors and hydroponic growing systems. The brown fabric is made of recycled water bottles and is available with and without handles. All seams and stitching are reinforced and done with an industrial strength stitch to answer the need for a stronger, sturdier bag. When a kangaroo fights with another kangaroo, it is often considered ‘boxing,’ which is where the name “Boxer Brown” originated from for the brown bag.

 At Root Pouch we use what is called an Industrial Lock-stitch and our seams are finished. Our side seam stitching is nicknamed by some clothing manufacturers as a French Seam. The fact that we utilize this type of finish side seam makes it not only stronger but the appearance is much cleaner looking and it will not easily unravel. We used this instead of an Overlock Stitch which is an economical way to finish a seam but it can unravel quite easily.

Grow Incredible Produce In 1 Gallon Grow Bags!




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