Red Wiggler Earthworms (Eisenia Fetida) Free Priority Shipping!

Red Wiggler Earthworms (Eisenia Fetida) Free Priority Shipping!

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Worms Will Only Be Shipped In The Continental USA!

 Red wiggler earthworm are among the finest composters in the world, as they are able to devour half their body weight a day. In addition, the castings are among the finest organic fertilizers. At Nature's Little Recyclers, we raise our worms in a regulated, indoor facility, and we feed them quality foods (such as coffee grounds, vegetables, and cardboard), thus making them excellent food for fish, lizards, amphibians, and other pets. About Nature's Little Recyclers: Nature's Little Recyclers is a recycling plant dedicated to providing a greener solution to clean soil. Our facility is located in Back of the Yards, a neighborhood in Chicago with a high green-tech focus. We take organic waste-such as coffee grounds, vegetables, and cardboard-from local businesses in Chicago and feed it to our worms, which are bred in sustainable conditions in our facility. As the worms eat (and essentially "recycle") these materials, they create worm castings, which is rich in nutrients and free of chemicals, thus making it a great fertilizer for both conventional and organic plants. Nature's Little Recyclers is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us so that we may make your experience better.