Buy 2 Get 1 FREE The Master Gardener ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter WILL HANDLE UP TO A 3 GALLON ROOT POUCH GROW BAG! Includes Planter and Choice Of Root Pouch Designer Grow Bag!

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The Master Gardener ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter Will Handle Up To A 3 Gallon Root Pouch Grow Bag! 
With The ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter, we can make sure that the water is AUTOMATICALLY properly fed by all parts of the plant in the root.


Watering your plants can be a difficult task, plants can become dehydrated without watering in just a few days. The ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter keeps the soil moisturized, and it will automatically stop absorbing water when the soil reaches a complete moisture state. This is best for the plant to grow healthier, since the water moisture will reach all the soil in the pot, so every bit of plant in the soil will be fed with the water needed to grow.


Other device dispense water from the top, giving an uneven distribution of water to the soil leaving dry patches which will not hydrate some of the roots. Watering plants is usually done from the top, by doing this the soil will not absorb the water completely. When the bottom of the plant stays dry for a long time, it makes the plant only to grow actively in the top half of the pot, and thus, the growing is limited. In addition, some water residual brings some of the soil or growing fertilizer to the bottom of the pot, and this may cause the holes to block and the air circulation would become poor, and it may further cause the roots to be rotten.




HOW Does The ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter work? 

Unlike the traditional way of watering the plant, the Self-Watering Plant Device supplies the water from the bottom of the pot up through the soil, and the advantages are: 

1. It only provides the proper amount of water needed, absorbing from the soil, and the soil becomes completely wet by itself without additional care. 

2. Large or small plastic bottles can be used according to the length of the time that you will be away for, say a vacation, without worrying about the watering. 

3. Fertilizer can be mixed into the water bottle. The plant will absorb the fertilizer evenly and efficiently. 

4. It also works like a saucer itself, you don’t need to spend extra money to get a saucer for the plant. 

5. The water supply to the plant is very stable, and it automatically provides the right amount of water the plant needs, and thus, it also saves water!

6. Sustainable: You can re-use plastic bottles.

OK Here Is What You Get!

  • One10 Inch ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter
  • One 3 Gallon Designer Grow Bag/ Your Choice Of Grey, Red, Brown, or Green
  • Complete Instructions On Setting Up and Maintaining The ITSY BITSY Self Watering Garden Planter