European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) Free Priority Shipping!

European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis) Free Priority Shipping!

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Worms Will Only Be Shipped In The Continental USA!

Good Composting Worm
Great Fishing Worm
Similar to Red Wigglers…But Larger!
Easy to Raise
Reptiles, Birds and Fish, LOVE them
300-350 Ct. Crawlers Per Pound
(Larger than Red Wigglers, but smaller than Canadian Nightcrawlers)
Do Not Refrigerate

Makes an Ideal Live Bait, Vermicomposting or Live Food Worm for Pets!Eisenia hortensis, commonly known as the Driftworm, European Nightcrawler, Garden Worm, Angle Worm or Leaf Worm, is recognized as an ideal bait and live food worm. Measuring approximately 3 to 5 inches length (fully grown), this worm is ordinarily used as bait for bass and large fish, but they are also an excellent vermicomposting worm.All the Bulk Europeans we ship are approximately 1.5 grams each (3"-4" long). Our Cupped European Nightcrawlers (Euro Driftworms) are slightly larger than bulk. Please do not expect these worms to look like the Canadian Nightcrawlers. European worms will not grow as big as the Canadian Nightcrawlers, but can get up to 4.5 grams, be 4-6" long and as thick as a #2 pencil... with proper feed and care.Although Red Wigglers or Redworms are the better known composting earthworms, European Nightcrawlers make great composting worms for those who wish to grow a larger earthworm. Much bigger than their smaller cousin the Red Wiggler or Redworm, European Nightcrawlers are easily grown in the same manner as Red Wigglers. Besides their size, the main difference between Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers for composting is that European Nightcrawlers do not breed as quickly nor eat as much as Red Wigglers. Kept reasonably warm and well fed, adult European Nightcrawlers will produce about one egg capsules per earthworm a week. It takes from three to seven months from hatching to maturity. The happier and less crowded they are, the faster they will reach maturity.European nightcrawlers are not only the toughest and most active worms on the market, but are the only earthworm that can be used successfully in salt water. Euro Nightcrawlers have been used for ice fishing in the frigid waters of Northwestern British Columbia, and have been found to be still active on the hook after 30 minutes in the water under 18" of ice! They also make excellent food for birds, turtles, reptilians, exotic pets, aquarium and pond fish.