Complete Grow Bag Garden Systems Adjustable Kerick Float Assembly 1/4 inch (Works Great For Kiddie Pool and Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow Systems!

  • $ 49.97
  • Save $ 7.03

A Complete  Automatic and Adjustable High Quality Kerick Float Valve Assembly!

Now whether you use a Kiddie Pool or simply convert your old raised garden bed into a self watering  Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System or build any sized framed and plastic lined container you can relax and know that your plants are perfectly watered constantly!

Float valve works on very little water pressure and can be hooked up to your city or well water or rain barrel.

This Float assembly can also easily just be layed in a Standard Rain Gutter Grow System! No Drilling or Tools Required!


  • The Kit includes A  Molded White UV Resistant ABS Plastic Float Assembly Housing
  • 1 High Quality Adjustable Kerick Float Valve
  • 1 UV Resistant Quick Connector For Float Valve
  • 25 Feet Of UV resistant 1/4 Inch Pressure Hose
  • 1 UV Resistant Garden Hose To 1/4 Pressure Line Quick Connection
  • Float Assembly Comes Preset to maintain 1 Inch Of Water Level But Can be easily Adjusted To Maintain up to 2 1/2 Inches of Water In Container!



This Hybrid Kiddie Pool System Uses A Grow Bag Garden Systems Adjustable Kerick Float Assembly! Simply "Plant it and Forget it!"



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